Cody & Megan March23, 2016

I first met with Cody and Megan a week before their engagement session and right off the bat I knew we would have fun.  They told me they were going to have a backyard wedding and I was so ecstatic because backyard weddings are so laid back.  Plus, it's like starting with a blank canvas, you can create whatever you want.  When I meet up with couples, I always like finding out what makes everyone different and with talking to these two I found out that Cody is a quadruplet! When he first said it I immediately thought, "Holy crap, that's like seeing a unicorn for the first time."  You just don't meet a lot of people who can say that they are one of four.

When we first started their engagement session, Arizona decided it wanted to not only be cloudy but also ridiculously windy.  I took it as an opportunity for Megan to have that Beyonce breeze that always seems to follow her around.  Megan first told me she doesn't know how to pose for photos, I told her there is no posing, I just want you to have fun!  That's exactly what we did for this session!  Plus, she rocked those red heels and didn't bat an eye when I asked her to trek through the dirt (you rock girl!).  We went to one of my favorite spots, Verrado, because it's always so green but we had a wonderful surprise and found there were wildflowers EVERYWHERE!!  Awesome location, amazing couple, gorgeous wildflowers, how did I get so lucky?!

Congrats you two, I can't wait to photograph your wedding next year!

The light was absolutely surreal in these wildflowers!

Silhouettes are my absolute favorite