Mr. & Mrs Glass

I had the pleasure of knowing Brittani for some time now, she recently got engaged to Connor but little did I know that they were going to be getting married in less than six months and Connor would be out of the state two days before the wedding!  Either way, I knew this was going to be amazing because they were having the wedding a week before Christmas.  I wanted to make it a little more fun so a couple weeks before the wedding, Brittani was going to have a hair and makeup trial.  Her mother, Donna, and I took a trip up to Verrado and did bridal shots of Brittani in her wedding dress.  I knew with it being close to Christmas that we would have a lot of Christmas lights around the town so we made a day out of it, which I was dying the whole time because Brittani looked so gorgeous!!  She could have worn a potato sack and still rocked it.

The wedding day finally arrived and I don't think the day could have been more perfect.  Winter in Arizona is a sunny 70 degrees so you can imagine how wonderful it was.  My favorite part about weddings is when the bride and groom either decide to share their first look together or hold hands without seeing each other.  I knew before the wedding that Brittani really wanted to share a prayer before they walked down the aisle, so we set up Connor first so he couldn't see her and then had Brittani come out after.  Oh my goodness.  There is nothing more powerful than witnessing someone's devotion but hearing it is another thing.  

The ceremony started not long after their intimate moment, and I knew that Connor was going to have the best reaction.  When he first saw her, there were instant tears.  He was trying so hard not to cry but when you're about to marry one of the prettiest girls, I would say that would be a hard one to fight back.

After the ceremony is when the fun really started!  We got to take awesome sunset photos, and had the funniest photo bomber (don't worry, there is a picture of it below).  But let me tell you, these guys knew how to party!!  Even though the weather got down into the 50's, that didn't stop anyone.  I think that is the best way for a wedding to end, gettin' down with your loved ones :)

Fall in Arizona!

Probably the greatest photo bomb EVER!