Anthony & Ashley 

I met up with Ashley and Anthony a couple months ago, they told me that they did not get a lot of photos of the both of them on their wedding day.  So, when they asked me to take their photos of them all dressed up in desert landscape I knew that this was going to be amazing.  I think I was more excited than them! 

As a wedding photographer, on the day of the wedding you don't get to spend as much time with a couple as you would like to.  But with bridal photos, I got to spend the ENTIRE day only photographing them, and it was like heaven.  Anthony and Ashley truly compliment each other and they made such a beautiful bride and groom, even a year after getting married! I had so much fun taking these photos, but I'm mostly grateful that they entrusted me to be their photographer.  

I was obsessed with Ashley's dress!  But, so was the desert, it didn't want to get off her dress.

They climbed to get to this spot so we could see the skyline during sunset, it was so worth it!

Oh, and the moon decided it would make a last minute appearance!